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Sustainable Surfaces

We take bamboo--the world's fastest growing material--and turn it into sustainable surfaces that transform spaces into modern Filipino masterpieces.

The Better Cladding

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Our current line of Cawayan engineered bamboo products include milled boards. We will be releasing our milled doors soon.

Yes. We do custom milling so if you have specific designs or patterns that you want milled into engineered bamboo, we can work with that. The milling service is subject for quotation and the price will vary depending on the complexity of your design.

Yes. After processing, engineered bamboo becomes extremely hard and durable. Solid engineered bamboo is harder than narra, teak, and mahogany.

Yes. Cawayan bamboo products are highly stable and exhibit less shrinkage and swelling than most wood products due to its composition of individual slats.

Cawayan is made from 100% engineered bamboo, which is superior in strength compared to the toughest Philippine hardwoods. It’s more than 5x stronger than narra in compression and 4x stronger in tension.

Yes. Cawayan products meet stringent fire safety criteria due to their high density. Its self-extinguishing property also make it superior over traditional wood. They are also especially coated to restrict the growth of mold in moist environments.

Yes. All engineered bamboo we use is treated with a solution that creates an active barrier against termites, fungal decay, and woodboring insects. Additionally, we use industrial grade coating to give your Cawayan products added protection against pests.

No. Our current line of Cawayan products is intended for interior applications only.

We require 100% payment upfront at the point of order.

No. The delivery fee is not included in the selling price. You will receive a notice regarding the fee once your order is ready for delivery.

Typical lead time is 15 to 30 days after ordering but it can also vary depending on the volume of your order. Our team will duly notify you if your order will have a lead time exceeding 30 days.
Yes. We can ship anywhere in the country as long as the delivery site is accessible by a truck.
Other than custom milling, we also offer custom laser engraving and custom finishing.

Yes. You are welcome to view our sample products in our warehouse at 9 Oliveros Drive, Apolonio Samson, Balintawak, Quezon City.

Yes. All our CUBOs come with electrical and plumbing systems including switches, outlets, lighting fixtures, and bathroom and kitchen. All we have to do after assembling your house kit on your project site is tap onto the prepared water and electrical connections and you’re ready to move into your new CUB

We don’t use any additional insulation primarily because your CUBO does not need it. Engineered bamboo is a natural heat and sound insulator, and works well in keeping heat and noise out of your home. However, if you wish to add insulation, you can request so for an additional material cost subject for quotation.

Build sustainably with Cawayan™

CUBO Modular, 9 Oliveros Drive, Balintawak, Quezon City
Hours: Mon - Sat, 8am - 5pm
Email: sales@cawayan.ph
Phone: +63 909 036 7500
Facebook: Cawayan
Instagram: Cawayan

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